Home Schooling day with Acel Bisa van Ommen

Acel is a homeschooling mom. Having 3 kids and a busy artist schedule, watch her as she shares how she manage a day in homeschooling.

Why Do We Homeschool?

Watch as different homeschooling parents share their reasons why they opted to home school their children. Take a sneak peak of their homeschooling.

What is homeschooling in the Philippines?

What is it to home school in the Philippines? Hear the home school parents who knows the written law and the current standing of homeschooling in the Philippines.

Myths About Homeschooling

There are a lot of wrong connotations in doing homeschooling. Many of us had gone through with that especially when we are in the early stages of deciding to homeschool. Listen to experiences of parents who have been there.

Types of Homeschooling

Do you know that there are different homeschooling options? Watch these different families explain their own homeschooling type and how do they do it.

PHA Father’s Day Episode

Because it’s Father’s Day, let’s hear from the fathers! They rarely speak but they greatly take part in educating and guiding their children.

What is a typical homeschool day?

Curious on how homeschooled kids spend their day? Check this video and directly hear it from them.

How Important is a Husband’s/Father’s Role in Homeschooling?

Let’s learn from these 2 couples, having years of homeschooling experience, on how important fathers being hands-on with their children.

Need help with your homeschooling journey?

Come and join the community. Let us learn together as we journey through life and homeschooling.